Favorites Playlists: No1--Journey

 I've been playing with creating and sharing playlists that I create in my YouTube Music account. I can either share in YouTube Music or regular YouTube--I don't really know which is a better experience for different devices or circumstances. Please drop a comment and let me know which works better for you! For some reason, Journey popped into my head today, so I put on their 1979 album Evolution, and it sent me down the rabbit hole. Before I started, I guessed that I'd find 30 songs that I'd consider worthy of making my Favorites list. That's a lot of great music.  As a comparison, earlier in the week, I started another playlist for a slightly earlier band--also in the Hall of Fame--that I really love. I couldn't get past 18 songs without getting into 'this is pretty interesting' vs. 'this kicks ass' territory. So I was kind of surprised that I ended up with 40 Journey songs that made the great music list. That comes to over 2 hours and 30 minut

Everything Is Not Yet Lost

First posts are always hard. Today I was cleaning my desk and found the quotation that's attached to the Polaroid in the image. It's from the 2010 movie Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell. I can't exactly explain why, beyond I often feel like I'm scouting out the edge of life where everything becomes lost, that this sentence moves me, but it gives me pause and the urge to cry every time I read it. Check out the movie if you haven't. So let's start this most recent attempt at a blog with that statement of hope: Everything is not yet lost!